Powerplant within industrial park enable us to provide heat and electrical energy  not only for corporations within industrial park, but also for households in surrounding region. 

Energy for households is provide in partnership with Municipality of Humenne.

Electricity generation
6 kV

Transformation of purchased electricity
110 kV / 22 kV / 6 kV / 0,4 kV

Compressing and distributing compressed air
0,6 MPa / 1,0 MPa

Nitrogen purchase and distribution
0,6 MPa

Steam production and distribution
445°C, 3,8 MPa / 270°C, 1,35 MPa / 200°C, 0,6 MPa

Production and distribution of hot water
145°C / 90°C

Water cooling and its distribution
6°C / 10°C

Treatment of raw (river) water for softened, demineralized and decarbonised water

Drinking water supplies